About us

Katoe started as a mindset that is focussed on bringing together different subcultures. Breaking down the barrier between these subcultures in order to give everyone the complete freedom to connect with each other. Breaking down these barriers wil allow the creativity to completely flow. 
With our new concept "We are going on a trip" we want to share our passion for adventure. And get everyone involved! Put on your shoes, get out of the house and experience new stories. Our love started young, in form of camping with our families. We have always searched for adventures. We want to share this love and get as many people involved as possible. Go out and share your stories with the world!
Officialy Katoe started in 2019, but the concept started a long time ago in the head of four young and driven guys. Friendship, passion and enthusiasm are the ingredients for the start of Katoe, a recipe we will never change.